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Stockport Market

Initially Market Place was engaged by the local authority to provide interim management services. Following a successful tendering process, the management of Stockport Councils Market Portfolio was awarded to Market Place with a contract start date of January 2020.


Our contract is to provide day to day management of the beautiful Market Hall, to enhance and add vibrancy to Stockport Town centre, specifically the historical area that surrounds the market hall.


Market Places commitment to this contract is such that a new team was employed and deployed at Stockport Market full of ideas, ambition, and enthusiasm, much of which had to be channelled in a different direction for 2020.


With the first year of the contract panning out to be more difficult than any of us could have imagined, our ambitions for this project are still high we aim to maximise the diversity of retail offer available through Stockport Market, promote a calendar of monthly outdoor event markets some of which will be delivered by third parties having a positive impact on footfall not just to the market but to the surrounding businesses.


We have already delivered a new website https://www.thestockportmarket.co.uk/

Which has given a small number of traders the opportunity to sell online throughout 2020, our aim is to work with traders to get the whole market online, offering traders an additional revenue stream.  The market is promoted through various social media platforms giving traders enhanced visibility, driving footfall into the market.


Working groups including a diverse range of traders have been set up, to ensure this market moves forward with everybody playing a part and on board.


With many exciting plans in development we are confident the market has a successful future ahead of it and we will update this page as we move forward

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