Community Engagement

Environmental Responsibility

Each year Market Place embrace sustainable environmental business practices as a matter of course. Annual financial investment from Market Place is made to enable further recycling and waste reduction. Working closely with our partners we work hard to make positive environmental changes and have delivered a number of initiatives such as educational competitions, the production of reusable canvas bags, and strict recycling and waste management regulations. This has reduced the use of non-biodegradable plastic bags and packaging by a staggering 80%.

In a bid to tackle mounting fuel miles, as traders travel back and forth to pick up stock we encouraged them to work as a collective. Primarily we aided them in sourcing products from local suppliers, which also benefit the local economy, this is further supported by organising delivery of goods in bulk to shared storage during long running events. This has dramatically reduced the carbon footprint with fuel miles being sliced by over two thirds.

Products for waste reduction or recycling include plastics, cardboard, vegetable oil, wooden pallets, glass and miscellaneous wood waste. A food waste separation facility ensures traders reduce and recycle food waste.

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